Same Goal, Many Paths


In the past two weeks I have been introduced to eleven – or is it twelve? – projects in Asia where OneBook is providing significant support. Two things have impressed me most.

The first is that the believers working at the grassroots in these projects demonstrate a deep commitment to sharing God’s love with their own people. They often work long hours and have to be away from family in order to build networks of new believers and to communicate with people that might not otherwise want to cooperate. They sacrifice their own comfort and safety in order to build up Christ’s body in local and regional fellowships through the Word of God and in songs and stories in their own languages.

The other striking impression is how very differently these projects all accomplish their goals of bringing God’s Word to their own people. Some work away from home, others work in the midst of their own village. Some start with a rough draft based on a related language, others work completely from scratch. A few have studied hard to gain degrees in theology or Biblical studies, while others are getting to know the Bible for the first time through the process of translating it. Some get a lot of input from consultants and trainers, while others persist with very little encouragement and assistance. And there are those who work in steamy jungles, while others live on dry, cold mountain heights. Yes, there is a sequence of standard steps in the translation process, but it every one of these projects has good reasons for modifying that sequence in order to do their work well.

It is a privilege to be a part of these projects. Let us pray for each individual brother and sister who devote themselves daily to building up the Church in these creative ways.

By Jenny Giezendanner, Partner Liaison