From terrible to something formidable

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The Tunen translation team continues to press on with the work despite having their Project Coordinator, Reverend Balahen, transferred to Douala.

A good month ago the Tunen project coordinator, Reverend Balahen, was suddenly transferred by his church from the project area to the far-away city of Douala. This was devastating news for the senior translator and retired banker, Mbel Daniel, to hear.

How would the project continue, without one of the experienced translators and primary coordinator, so close to the finish?

How could God let this happen to the team, that is working hard to complete the translation of the New Testament by 2017?

But then when Daniel thought about it more he came to the conclusion that this transfer could also be a blessing in disguise. Many Banen people have moved to the economic capital of Douala; there are even active Tunen churches there. Unfortunately, however, the translation project team has not been able to really connect with those Tunen speakers living in the Diaspora.

If the project was to succeed in impacting all of the Banen population it would be key to organize literacy classes in Douala, inform the Banen community about the project, and engage them in prayer and support for the work. Who better, than a former project coordinator and dynamic pastor of the main denomination to mobilize the Tunen speakers in Douala!

As a pastor, Rev. Balahen has the clout and the high profile to get access to all the churches and the homes of influential Banen. As a translator and pastor, he can explain the work and the advantage of using the mother tongue in the church. He will be able to organise Tunen literacy classes for young and old alike. Therefore, it looks now that this transfer will actually help the team to achieve God’s full purpose for this project. In the meantime, the team has divided Reverend Bahalen’s responsibilities among themselves.

What looked like a terrible happening, looks more and more like something wonderful, and proof of God’s overall good plan!

 “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28 (ESV)