Where does funding come from?

People ask me sometimes a pertinent question:

“You ask us to support the Bible translation and literacy projects in Africa or Asia. But what do the Christians in those countries actually contribute to these projects, from which they benefit?”


For several years now OneBook has analyzed the percentage of local support compared to the full funding costs of a project. Because of this, we know that, for example, Christians in Cameroon fund 4 of the 41 Bible translation and literacy projects*! As well, the church in Indonesia finances 40% of the total cost of all new projects**!

Just a few days ago I laid hands on a couple of pictures that demonstrate such a local fundraising effort in the far northern region of Cameroon. It was supported by the chief of the Tchouvok community. His plan is that each member of the 10,000 people strong community, adult or child, should contribute to the Bible translation and literacy efforts. Each child is required to bring at least one cup of corn, millet, or peanuts and each adult is required to bring two cupts. As the picture shows, most of Tchouvok are way more generous…




*CABTAL is our partner in Cameroon
** Kartidaya is one of our partners in Indonesia