Hearing Brings Understanding


One Sunday in March, literacy supervisor Aghedse Promise read Luke 18:9-14 at the Full Gospel Church. Christians there had heard the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector before, but didn’t fully understand it. In church, they didn’t have the Bible in their heart language so instead the Bible was read in English (their third spoken language).

This day, however, Promise read the passage in their heart language, Awing. The people understood the story without any explanation! Many expressed their delight at hearing the Bible in their mother tongue and promised to return.

Emmanuel Fundong used to mock the team saying, “You people are wasting your time translating the Bible into Awing. Who will read it?” Promise’s reading so impressed Emmanuel, that he bought a copy of the Gospel of Luke. He told Promise that he now understands the reason for Bible translation.

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