The Growing Church

Have you heard “the Global South and East” mentioned in our materials or from other organizations?

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When we refer to the Global Church of the South and East, we are thinking about the “majority church.” More Christians are found in Latin America, Africa, and Asia than in North America and Europe. God is doing amazing things through these churches in spreading His Kingdom, for His Glory!

“The growth of the church in what is known as the Global South has been nothing short of spectacular. The Global South is a term first coined by the United Nations and is now widely accepted in the political/economic world and in mission circles.” –Peter Tarantal

Tarantal, from South Africa, also asks: “What does the growth of the Church in the Global South and the changing face of missions mean for world mission?” He suggests the following:

  1. We need to celebrate what God is doing around the world in building His Church.
  2. There needs to be a new recognition that the Church in the Global South has come of age.
  3. There needs to be respect for the leadership, however weak it may be in certain places in the Global South.
  4. There needs to be equal partnership between the Global North and the Global South. No one should ever dominate the global mission agenda. The Global North should not dominate the agenda because it has more financial resources, and neither should the Global South because they have more people resources.
  5. The new reality of the changing face of mission needs to be acknowledged by mission structures around the world.

OneBook works in partnership with churches and Christian organizations throughout Africa and Asia and specifically partner with organizations that have a national board, CEO, and finance management. We share a common vision of God’s Word being alive and active in the hearts of minority language speakers. We each have resources to give to the task: finances, encouragement, training, and practical skills may come from Canada; passion, energy, hard work, skills, and yes, also some finances, may come from our national partners. We need each other to be able to reach all those in need of God’s Word.

As in any partnership, we don’t always see things in the same way. Cultures are different, experiences are different, and interpretations of reality vary greatly. As we work in partnership, we find strength and grow as we work together.

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