Seizing the Gospel

Share the gospelPeter was so hungry for God’s Word, but was told there was only one copy left of the Gospel of Luke in his own language in Indonesia.

Desperate, he decided to steal it from the translator’s desk and take it back to his own village.

Peter carried that little book everywhere, sharing the stories with anyone he could. When a project staff member visited the village a few months later, he found Peter practically glowing with joy.

“I’ve read this book three times,” said Peter, “and it is now worn-out. If a new book is printed, I will go to the office and ask for a copy. If they don’t give it to me, I will steal it again! I did not complete my education and don’t really understand the (majority) language. But with this translation, I don’t have to think twice. I can understand directly and it touches my heart!”


OneBook funds four Bible translation and literacy projects to address social and spiritual needs in Indonesia.

These committed local teams are praying for Canadian ministry partners to help fund their needs and encourage them through this huge task. Funding will provide quality training, computers and other equipment, travel expenses, printing costs, and modest salaries. Your financial gift, of any amount, will be a huge help and encouragement for people such as Peter who are desperate for the Word of God in their heart language. As a sponsor, you will receive regular project reports and prayer requests to keep you informed of progress.

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