A Special Celebration

NepalA special celebration was held September 7 in Kathmandu, Nepal.

More than 100 friends gathered from the community and around the world to recognize the 15-year-milestone in the Translation Movement of Nepal, and to rejoice with our Partner organization there.

Nepal is not a large country (about twice the size of New Brunswick), yet has 30 million people and more than 125 spoken languages. Less than two per cent are Christian; the Hindu religion dominates the culture.

In 1999, in the middle of the civil war, a mother tongue Bible translator had the daring vision of initiating the Translation Movement of Nepal (TMN). A servant attitude, a strategy of working only through fully-committed church leaders, modeling Christ’s love through community projects, and total dependence on prayer have guided each step of the way.

Today is a day of thanksgiving!

Each of the five language communities with current translation projects performs original Scripture songs in their mother tongue. These are songs composed for worship in local house-churches. Smiling Wambra believers are handed copies of the Book of Lukeā€”the first Scripture ever printed in their language! Speakers of the Theme language also receive printed Scripture: a book of four of Paul’s letters (1 and 2 Timothy, Philemon and Titus).

To date, four languages of Nepal have received New Testaments and one an entire Bible. Five more Bible translation and literacy projects are underway as part of TMN. About 40 more languages will likely need Scripture translation.

“By the grace of God . . . the church in Nepal is one of the fastest-growing churches,” says S, Director of the Translation Movement. “As this growth continues, so the work of the TMN (Translation Movement of Nepal) expands as it seeks to pray, support, and unify churches.”

OneBook is honoured to partner with such committed followers of Jesus.