Aringa New Testament Dedication

TOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAhey waited many years for this day. Though it rained the day before and after, on Tuesday, June 24, the sun shone on Yumbe, the main town in the homeland of the Aringa people in northwestern Uganda. The New Testament in their mother tongue was officially launched into the community in a joyful celebration.

About 200 guests were specially invited with the crowd swelling to nearly 1,000 as the day progressed. Six large tents and two huge trees provided circles of shade around the grassy center field. About 500,000 Aringa-speakers live in Uganda, with more in neighbouring countries.

The Bible translators carried in the New Testament in a small “Ark of the Covenant,” built especially for the occasion. They solemnly passed it to the denominational leaders (Anglican, Catholic, and Pentecostal) who each shared a prayer and a congratulatory speech. They in turn each selected a member of their church for the honour of escorting the book around the centre field in front of the eager crowd. At this point, the whole assembly broke into excited song and dance. What a welcome for the Word of God!