A Reason to Celebrate!

“When I read this book, I said, God, you’re speaking to ME!”

“I just understand — it’s so clear!”

“With the Lugbara Bible (widely spoken language but not mother-tongue), you must first read, think, and then go to another reference to have it explained to you. But this book (Aringa NT) is easy to understand!”

These quotes only begin to describe the thankfulness and excitement the Aringa people expressed at their recent New Testament dedication. Some had previously read the Bible in other languages, but found it hard to understand and apply to their lives. Now they have a Bible in their hands that they fully understand.

This is the power of the gospel in their language!

Carrying the "ark" with the Aringa New Testament

Carrying the “ark” with the Aringa New Testament

500 people came from far and wide on foot, by bicycle, motorcycle, car and bus to attend this much-anticipated celebration.

When the celebration ceremony kicked off, the New Testament was brought in on a replica of the Old Testament Ark of the Covenant. The “ark” was then marched all around the field where the audience was seated. As it passed each group, the people would stand up and cheer.  It was like a winning team marching around the playing field after winning the tournament trophy!


The celebrations continued with dancing and singing, what a great reason to celebrate!