Pokomo Project

Pok_06MS_WomansLiteracyClassImagine going to church and hearing the pastor teach in your indigenous language…the language of your heart! This is what has been happening with the Pokoma people of Kenya, now that the New Testament has been successfully translated by BTL (Bible Translation and Literacy). Through the excellent work of translators with BTL, OneBook saw the Pokomo New Testament completed by 2004.

Now leaders like Julie Baya, a literacy worker with BTL’s Pokomo Project, can see the positive responses of people in local churches when they sing hymns, have scripture readings and sermons delivered in, Kipokomo, their mother tongue.  One church attendee expressed, “ You have spoken to my heart. It is easier to understand things when they are preached in my own mother tongue……the Bible comes alive!”

This is the power of the Word of God in the mother tongue!