BTL Reaches Beyond its Borders


The world of Bible translation is changing! Our partner organization in Kenya, BTL, is blazing new trails! BTL now raises an impressive 39% of their total revenue from INSIDE Kenya.

BTL was established in 1981 with a vision to reach all the unreached people groups within the East African region with the Word of God in their language. In the past, they have offered technical expertise and training to others. Now they have renewed vision to serve beyond their borders and become a sending organization to serve their African brothers and sisters who are in less privileged countries. So when they became aware of the desperate need of the Laka language group in Chad last year, they made a donation of $10,000 out of the funds raised from income generating activities. Now a Bible translation project has started in earnest in the Laka language!

An 86 year old retired civil servant from the Laka language group expressed his joy by saying, “White missionaries told us that Laka language is very difficult to translate. Oh! May my soul rest in peace, because I can now hear the Word of God in my own language in my old age.”

OneBook is pleased to partner with BTL as they fulfill their mandate to reach beyond their borders effectively.