Abraham’s Story

Cameroon, reading, litreacy materialStanding beside his mother’s grave, Abraham was overcome with grief.

As a follower of Jesus, Abraham had insisted on a Christian burial—a strange thing in this remote village of rural Cameroon. The Mbembe culture of this vast hill country was steeped in tradition and animistic ceremonies.

The crowd attending the funeral began to shift uncomfortably, wondering aloud what to expect. All Abraham could do was to pray.

When the pastor opened a small book and began to read aloud from the Gospel of John, translated into their mother tongue, the crowd stilled. Everyone listened in astonishment. Slowly, the mood began to change. They could understand so clearly!

After the ceremony was over, several people declared their desire to follow Jesus.

The Mbembe Bible translation team continues their important task of providing God’s Word to their own people, in the language that speaks to their heart. They also teach adults and children the life-changing skills of reading and writing. This past year, more than 1,200 students attended literacy classes. So far, 592 people have graduated. And 20 students received awards on International Literacy Day.