Literacy liberates women

2011-CMR-Mofu_Gudur-WomanReadingInChurch-Class-1010231Women in traditional societies are regularly marginalized.

But learning to read and write provides life-changing skills. Literacy is allowing rural Mofu-Gudur women of Northern Cameroon to reach beyond their traditional confines.

“Once Mofu women were only in the kitchen,” writes a team member from the local Bible translation and literacy project sponsored by OneBook. “Their work was limited to cleaning, and fetching wood in the bush. They were marginalized in all other activities. Since we have the Word of God in our heart language, Mofu women now want to do more—not just their household activities. They struggle to attend literacy classes so they can read Scripture themselves.”

Many of these motivated students have now become teachers themselves, eager to help others reach their potential. Last December, there were 16 female Alpha (literacy) teachers. One literacy teacher says: “I have made an effort to learn to read and write, to be able to read the Word of God myself. Now it is time for me to teach others who can neither read nor write—especially women. Women today want more literacy!”