It’s never too late to learn to read!

Philippe lives in a rural village in Northern Cameroon.

2013-CMR-Mofu_Gudur-BasicLiteracyClass_1020016 “I never attended school,” he says.

“As an adult, I heard of a literacy class in Mofu—my mother tongue. So I went there. And though it seemed like a joke, I was learning new things! So I did the Alpha (literacy) class for three years. The first year I could read a little, but could not write well. The second year, I could already write pretty well. The third year I could read any text in Mofu-Gudur! I was very interested in reading Bible texts.

“I can say in all sincerity that it is not too late to learn to read and write. Currently, I am a literacy teacher in Zarbak Baptist Church. I encourage others to do the same!”

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