Mpumpong Recording Trip

Feb 22I travelled toYokadouma in the eastern part of Cameroon to meet with various community leaders and workers involved in translating the Bible into the Mpumpong language. It was a long and bumpy trip through the equatorial forest – the roads were so rough that we damaged three car batteries in the first three days (one of which actually exploded while a mechanic was working on it) and had to jump start the truck several times! But God brought us back safe and healthy and we had an incredible trip!

One of the things we did in Yokadouma was to make an audio recording of about 100 verses of Mark that have been translated into Mpumpong. The plan is to do more recordings of Bible stories in the languages that CABTAL is involved in, and to be able to use these recordings for Bible studies in thecommunities. The first evening with the recording, we went out on the street to test it. The woman who listened to it was impressed, telling us what it was saying and what it meant (she gave us a perfect back-translation!). We attracted quite a crowd by the end of the story – a recording in their own language! We also played it to the population of the three villages we visited. One church elder said, “At first God used to speak to us using a European language. But now God speaks to us in Mpumpong. We can understand Him now!” It was such a joy to see the people engage with Scriptures in their language. Even the chiefs (including one who is a Muslim!) participated in the Bible studies answering questions or asking questions about what they had heard.


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