Today is Mother Tongue Day!

What is so important about one’s own language?

Here’s an example. The Gospels of Mark and Luke are now available for the first time in one of the languages in Guinea-Bissau. This is the first-ever Scripture to be printed in this language—a significant milestone. The local team of Bible translators and literacy teachers are working determinedly to provide God’s Word to their own people. Despite the dangerous travel, political insecurity, poverty and sickness they face daily.

“Guinea-Bissau is very much on the front line of the Kingdom of God, which is why there are setbacks and opposition to the work,” says Martin Engeler, OneBook program manager. “There are easier places for projects, but I believe the need is greatest here, even if it is more work and takes longer.”

As local schoolchildren listen closely to this newly-translated Gospel of Luke read aloud in their classroom, they grasp the meaning clearly and easily. It is in their mother tongue!

“We understand who Jesus is, and would like to follow Him!” say a few students.

This is the power of God’s Word, when it is clearly understood in the language of the heart. Other followers of Jesus quietly nurture these young disciples, but your prayers are crucial to help them stand firm in their new-found faith.