God’s Word in mother-tongue transforms a people group

Mmen post

Discussing with three pastors who came by to pray with the volunteers they had this to share. The awareness about Bible Translation is becoming stronger as people see pastors entering the project office. Some say this is where they come to get their power from. Also, the close collaboration between the ICC and the Language Committee has also opened up some opportunities for the ICC to share the gospel to some members of the language committee who were not clear about the gospel.

The ICC members have always come to the office to pray for the project and volunteers. On one of the those days they came by the Cluster Facilitator was there and took these two pictures with them praying in the office for the volunteers and for the project outside in front of the building.

We see also that on this morning, three pastors were around to pray: Pst Emmanuel Toh, Pst Oliver Ogunayar, and Pst Titus Tim. The leaders of all the churches (Full Gospel Mission, Baptist, Apostolic, Set the Captives Free, Deliverance Ministry, Prebyterian, Christian Missionary Fellowship International)  are coming together monthly for three nights to pray for Bible translation in the community. This has broken the denominational barriers that existed among the churches in the community before. It is by these same prayers that the Roman Catholic Priest who was against the project has been replaced.