Oku New Testament Dedication

Oku NT dedication - Oct. 12, 2013A small OneBook Discovery Team just witnessed the dedication of the Oku New Testament in NW Cameroon. At the end of one of the longest and steepest hill we have ever been on (20 kilometers of 1st and 2nd gear through potholes and mud taking one hour) lie the 90,000 Oku people.

It was the culmination of a multi-year literacy and Bible translation project for a people group who did not even have a written alphabet one generation ago that was led by CABTAL -Cabtal Cameroon Association of Bible Translation and Literacy

One of the local pastors wrote and read at the ceremony:

“The story of Oku has changed!
The time of darkness and ignorance is passing away because a great light now lights the way….
For the Jesus who was called a white man, now speaks like an Oku man.
The God of heaven and earth has done it again.
Our attitude to Scripture was disdain, but now Scripture is gain….
And concerning the use of this book there shall be now end;
For it shall be used from generation to generation.
And God shall use it to bring people to his Kingdom, through its powerful message of the kingdom.
And people from Oku shall enter the kingdom,
Through Jesus Christ our saviour and king.”

The great Commission has just reached an other people group who have now God’s message and revelation in a clear form. One less to go!

The printing of the New Testament was made possible through our partnership with the Gideon’s International of Canada