It will speak directly to their hearts!

ManHoldingBibleAlthough Oku is not his mother tongue, Reverend Wirba Emmanuel serves as a missionary pastor for 10 Oku churches. Each week he preaches in two of the 10 churches, walking or biking long distances to reach his congregations. Preaching in Pigeon English, the pastor spends much time preparing interpreters, so his messages will be heard clearly in Oku.

For him, the Oku celebration was a glorious day; even the rain could not dampen his spirits. Now that he has an Oku Bible, the Scripture can be read aloud in Oku during every church service. Pastor Wirba believes strongly that the only way to lead his churches is through intentional use of their mother tongue. That way, one and all will understand the Word of God. It will speak directly to their hearts!