A new project

EfiCABTAL (Cameroon Association for Bible Translation and Literacy) could not be happier!  This past week, two leaders and an Alhaji (a Muslim elite who has been to Mekkah) from a local community came to the CABTAL office in Yaoundé for an important meeting. These men desire to see their community transformed through language development, literacy and the translation of the Bible to their mother tongue. A year ago Efi Tembon, the General Director of CABTAL, challenged them to take initiative within their community by starting the mobilization process. Today they presented an outline of an *Association for community and language development, close to 100 signatures of community leaders and establishing a point person for each church in their area. Efi was impressed with their diligence and agreed whole-heartedly to solidify their partnership. They spent time casting vision for the next 20 years, and then more practically for this next year. A linguist must be found and language research started.  Their goal is to start training staff by next spring for the project. This is the kind of community and leaders CABTAL loves to work with.

Pray for wisdom, finances and the right team to be chosen from the local community for this project. Pray for strong relationships to be built between the Christian and Muslim leaders both within the community and with CABTAL.