The impact of Scripture Memory

Oct 7Over 450 people attended the launching of the Aringa discipleship book at Pilgrim Church in Yumbe, Uganda. As a part of the service, four Sunday school children had memorised Scripture portions from Luke and Acts, then recited them in front of the congregation. People were very impressed!

An 11 year old boy named Morgan left hundreds speechless when he recited the story of Jesus and Zaccheaus the tax collector (Luke 19.1-10) in his heart language. The story spoke directly to the hearts of the people–no translation needed!  When he finished, many who heard remarked, “I wish every child could be trained to know the Bible from memory!”

Dr Joel Obetia, The Bishop of Ma’di and West Nile Diocese said, “The Church in Aringa is alive.” What the Lord did through Morgan moved him to give support to the Children’s ministry.

“I am proud of what God is doing through small children like Morgan in Aringa. I now know the Church of Jesus Christ is in safe hands because it has a bright future through these Children.”