Visible Change in the Mudaba Community

Sept 9The Mudaba team is overjoyed to see the visible change that the Gospel is bringing to the community!
With the Gospel of Mark available in both print and audio format, many people are willing to give their precious time to sit and listen to the Word of God, according to Mark.  And it is changing them. In one month, over 40 people asked to be baptized and joined one of four village churches.
One women in particular, after hearing the Gospel and accepting Jesus, was convicted that she had to change her life.  Her livelihood gained from selling country liquor was not in keeping with the life she felt God was calling her to.  She desperately wanted to give up selling the liquor but was afraid of losing her family’s only source of income.
One day in Church, she made up her mind, once and for all, to stop selling liquor.  She had several stressful days wondering how she would be able to feed her family, but God was good and within a week she had the idea to start a stationary store – especially needed as more and more people are wanting to learn to read and write!  Now she and her family are able to support themselves and are enjoying the blessings of God and testifying His love.