A Helpful Software For Translators

 Many Bible translators around the world are using a computer software program called Paratext. Paratext was jointly developed by the United Bible Societies and SIL International to assist translators with some of the technical aspects of their work.
The program allows several windows to be open at once; these can display various Bible versions to help the translator understand the passage being worked on and to suggest various ways of expressing the meaning. Then the translator types their own draft in the targeted language into a separate window. As the translator moves from one verse to the next, text in each of the other windows moves in sync with it.
When a Bible book is completed, the program can check that no verses were omitted, that punctuation is complete, and that words are spelled consistently. It can create lists of selected words in one of the versions, for example ‘grace’, to allow the translator to check for consistency in how they are rendered in the targeted language. The program also allows the translator to send the text via the internet to another Paratext user who can collaborate with them by making ‘sticky note’ comments on the text.
Paratext has helped many translators to be more consistent and efficient in their work.