Team work

Sept 26The Shatikha project is part of a larger cluster of languages. By grouping a number of languages together, trainers and managers can assist more language teams in a holistic and efficient way.

For example, when the Shatikha team began their language development project, the cluster leaders were able to assist them with planning the project. Shatikha people chose leaders to bring  literacy classes to their community; they attended a series of workshops with future leaders from 3-4 other language communities. In this way training and material templates can be shared by several groups.

When the Shatikha translators complete a Bible book, they ask the cluster leader for an experienced checker to review their work as the final step in the process. The cluster leader arranges for this to happen.  The cluster leader also identifies team members in a particular language project who can be further trained to help others in the cluster of languages.

Being part of a cluster is an encouragement to translators who could feel quite isolated at times. The cluster provides a source of accountability and support through yearly reviews and updates of their project plans.