Visiting Cameroon – An Eye-Opener, Arriving Home – A New Passion

“Having the Gospel in my mother tongue makes it feel very close to me – it used to feel far away!”

That is just one of many quotes I wrote down during my recent visit among three people groups in Cameroon, Africa.

Here is another: “We have thought of God as white, perhaps because the Gospel came to us through the white man. But now that we can read the Bible in our mother tongue, we no longer see God as white, but we see Him as being for all people, including us.”

A precious pastor and leader of a translation team among the Tunen people group humbly reported: “When I came to my church one year ago, 13 people (10 of them elderly) greeted me. Since then, I have been teaching and interacting with them in their mother tongue. Today our congregation numbers 60. We have to build a new church!”

My visit to Cameroon was very encouraging for me. I am excited and impassioned by the fact that OneBook, together with its praying and giving ministry supporters in Canada, is committed to nationals in Africa and Asia. We know that they are the experts, and that we Canadians are only the facilitators—not the implementers—of their Bible translation and literacy projects.

Amazing!  By providing prayerful and financial support, we in Canada can be a large and exciting part of what God is yet to do through OneBook’s ministry partners, the translation teams, the literacy and scriptural engagement leaders, the audio distribution … and so much more.

I can imagine one day being among the cloud of witnesses who will celebrate the “homecoming” of thousands and thousands of precious souls who will join you and me – all because we are faithful stewards of what God so generously gives us today.

May we be willing to provide the necessary resources so that they would be able to hear, read and understand the truths of God’s love and grace – in the language of their hearts!

Linda Milke, VP Developemt