Finding answers together

Translating Scripture is an awesome responsibility. Your prayers make it possible!

I have a heavy job.

I must try to understand God’s Word and translate it into my own language. I sometimes wonder if there is anything more important or daunting than this. What if I get it wrong?!

With a rough first-draft in hand, I share Scripture with members of my own community. And I ask them and myself: Did I really understand the text? Am I using the right words? Did I hear God’s meaning? Can I say it in a better way?

There is always much talking when we are together discussing God’s Word. Sometimes I see a smile as they grasp God’s truth; or simply a stare as the meaning remains unclear. Yet there is always joy, because now God is speaking our language. We matter!

Working together, God is revealing himself to us.

–Testimony of a Bible translator

Buhi’nen language