Hearing Scripture read in her mother tongue allows this Patip woman in Asia to truly worship God—in the language of her heart.

Here in SE Asia there are Christian churches, but also persecution against followers of Jesus from outside radicals of another religion.

Marese* was asked to be a helper for the Bible translation team working in her language. Once a week, along with other local speakers of the language, she would meet with the team working on translating the Bible into her language. Listening to drafts of Scripture read aloud, they would answer questions and give valuable feedback to the translators. Their input would ensure the final wording was accurate and natural-sounding.

The Scripture Marese had heard throughout her life came from the church leaders and was read in the national language. She did not understand it well. (Nor, she suspected, did they!)

So at first it was very strange to listen to God’s Word in her mother tongue. Then, it was wonderful! She asked if she could keep the words they read, and take a copy home. She began to read it daily, then twice a day. And then more.

Now, says Marese, as she “digests” God’s Word throughout the day, it has changed the way she sees the world and how she deals with people she meets.

Her priorities are no longer the same. People tell her she is so different now, and want to know why. She is so excited to see the changes God will work in her and her whole community—through His Word!

—David  D.

OneBook Program Manager

(on the road in Asia)

*(Pseudonym. To protect those involved in this sensitive OneBook project, identities are not disclosed.)