David and the local children all enjoy a photo shoot.

It’s always exciting to be back in Asia where we served the cause of Bible translation as a young family. Today, I am newly-arrived from Canada for meetings with project staff from several OneBook projects. The purpose of my visit: to encourage them in their goal of giving their own people God’s Word in their mother tongue, and teaching people to read it. Theirs is not an easy task, with joys and challenges all tangled together.

Following a good meeting with the project leader, I catch a taxi to Central Park Mall to find some supper before returning to the hotel. Unbeknown to me, the heavens open while I am indoors. When I come outside to try to find a taxi, the streets are flooded—again!

Still waiting in line one hour later. Not a taxi in sight. But by now at least the rain has calmed to a drizzle.

“It’s only two kilometers,” I think to myself. “Why not walk?”

With over 50 kids’ Bible stories now translated into their own language, Patip children in Asia can learn about Jesus’ love for them—from a very young age.

Off I plod. Halfway there, the main road becomes completely impassible with over a foot of water. And thousands of stranded, honking cars.

To the rescue! A moped driver offers his help. I perch gratefully, but soggily, on the back and off we ride. Traversing sidewalks, rock gardens, oncoming traffic . . . and other things I do not see, as my eyes are tightly closed most of the way.

I arrive at the hotel, safe but drenched to the bone. I give my rescuer $5. He is happy, I am happy. And we both have a story to tell when we get home.

It’s little adventures like these that make travelling fun. . .

—David D.

OneBook Program Manager

(on the road in Asia)