Peace with God and one’s neightbour!

It is a tremendous encouragement to everyone involved in Bible translation to hear of another completed New Testament, and a community celebrating the Word of God in their mother tongue!

Like our partners in Chad.

November 28, 2012, approximately 2,000 people gathered to celebrate the arrival of the New Testament in the Kenga language:

There was dancing and singing, and much joy and pride in what was called “a historic day” and “a day of peace with God and with each other.” In his speech, the leader of the canton said, “God is speaking to us. I’m a Muslim. What should prevent me from reading it? I’m your leader. If I don’t put it into practice, who will?”

The Bishop of the [region] told how he would visit communities and hear of people’s desire and thirst to hear the Word of God in the language of their “stomach” (heart). He exhorted the people to now translate this Word into their hearts, their actions and their lives.

“Wonderful! I’m so happy!” said a member of parliament, praising the literacy programs to teach people to read and write in Kenga. He also exhorted everyone to read the New Testament and to do what it says. “Read it to know peace and the love of one’s neighbour!”

More than 300 New Testaments were sold on the day of dedication. Plans are underway to promote the scriptures and do further distribution in the coming months.*

OneBook, through partnership with the Gideons International in Canada, was privileged to play a small part in the events that led up to this great day—ensuring the Kenga New Testament was available in printed form for the local community.

Through the wonderful support of Canadians, 73 additional language communities are currently translating God’s Word into their own heart language. Because of you, their dream of a similar celebration for their own New Testament is within reach! Thank you for helping bring joy and the Word of God to each of these 73 languages.

*Excerpt from a report provided by SIL Chad, Kenga Team