Prayer/Praise―August 15-31, 2012

OneBook Board meeting

The General Director of CABTAL, Efi Walters Tembon, will be traveling to Canada in September to attend the Onebook board meeting and also to help in some fundraising event organized by this partner organization. Pray for his as he is preparing for this trip and pray that God will use him mightily there in Canada.

Oku project

Rev David Ngole and Clotaire Njapa traveled to Oku to prepare to close down this project. Please pray that the church will take over, especially church-based literacy and Scriptures engagement activities. Pray for an organizing Committee to be set up toward the dedication of the New Testament coming up probably next year.

Pray for the Philippines

The Philippines are experiencing some of the wettest weather in history over the past month. The dams are all full to overflowing. Early August’s persistent torrential rain caused by the fringes of typhoons and monsoon weather are taking a toll. An entire month’s worth of rain fell in one 24 hour period with rain continuing throughout the week. As the rains began to let up by August 8, rescue and cleanup efforts are now underway to help thousands of residents.

Schools and many offices are closed across Manila. Two Wycliffe organizations, Wycliffe Philippines and TAP, plus many friends and colleagues are located in this region. Please keep them and all of the Filipino people in your prayers.

Projects in Guinea-Bissau in need of funding

Our funding for FY2012 is behind target, especially for the projects in Guinea-Bissau. Please pray that the great coverage in the newest Word Alive magazine encourage some donors to give generously in the next few months.

Intense persecution in Guinea-Bissau

The Mansonka, Biafada, and Kobiana language groups are some of the smallest in Guinea- Bissau. They have heard very little of the Gospel and hardly any are believers. Traditional religion has a strong following and there is intense persecution against new Christians. The Mansonka translators have just finished Luke’s Gospel and the Jesus Film script.

OneBook Tours coming up in September and October

Please pray for upcoming OneBook Tours:

September 9-15, 2012:  Efi Tembon, *CABTAL Director in Cameroon will be the main guest speaker at various events held in Calgary, Abbotsford and Edmonton.

September 21 to October 5, 2012: Alex Matthews from Wycliffe India will be the main presenter.

Please pray:

For our existing donors to want to come and hear how their funds are being stewarded and making a Kingdom impact.

For existing donors to bring friends to hear the OneBook story.

For Robin as she coordinates the events in the coming weeks.

That all the transportation and travel coordination details work out.

With thankfulness for our wonderful donors who have offered to host events.

For Efi and Alex’s health, strength and continued enthusiasm.

*CABTAL: Cameroonian Association of Bible Translation and Literacy