On Thursday, April 12, two weeks before the second round of presidential elections, elements of the Guinean Armed forces arrested the interim prime minister and one of the leading candidates. A couple of days later, together with some opposition parties they declared the parliament and government dissolved. The main parties and their candidates have condemned this undemocratic move. Tomorrow the UN Security Council will meet and discuss the sending of  a potential intervention force. None of our staff was harmed in the coup-d’état but the situation is tense in the country. All missionaries working in conjunction with the Evangelical Church of Guinea-Bissau, including expatriate translation project staff will evacuate tomorrow April 19 to Ziguinchore, Senegal, where they will wait out further developments . Our hope is that they will be able return to their work and ministry soon. Some of the translation projects located in rural areas are able to continue their work.

Please pray for a peacefull und democratic settlement to this situation. Pray also for the Christians in Governement and Army that they mare able to be peacemakers and light in these dark days.