Savouring the taste—worship in Musoma, Tanzania

Checkers with bottle caps in Musoma

Been in Tanzania less than a week, and are loving the incredible variety of faces, fabrics, and flowers everywhere. Here by Lake Victoria, there is a lovely evening breeze.

Church this morning was full of music and dancing. When Pastor Kateti switched from Swahili to the local mother tongue, the entire congregation erupted in cheering and delighted laughter, and leaned in closer to catch every word. The air was electric. What a response!

This is what we came to experience in projects in Tanzania, Uganda and South Sudan. Today was just a start. But it makes me really wonder: I’ve had God’s Word in MY heart language my whole life. Do I lean in close to savour every taste? Or do I take this amazing treasure for granted, like breakfast tea and toast?

Later, enjoyed beans and rice, with a tall, cool bottle of Stoney Tangewezi at an outdoor cafe. Then a wander through the market to choose a sample basket to take home. The next two days will be full of meetings with the Bible translation teams from eight different languages here in the Mara Region.

Hope we can finally sleep through the night tonight . . .

Jerry and Kathy, on the road in Tanzania