I love celebrations…

I love celebrations… and this was a special one. Our friends at CABTAL, (Cameroonian Association of Bible Translation and Literacy) was celebrating 25 years of Bible translation this past weekend.

People came from all over Cameroon and around the world. To celebrate God’s faithfulness. To share in the joy. To look to the future.

CABTAL celebrated completing 10 New Testaments and teaching thousands and thousands to read and write in their mother tongue. They are working actively on 26 more languages right now. At OneBook, we have the privilege of funding 16 of them!

Most astonishing to me is that they have formal requests from over 20 more people groups, all signed by both pastors and civic leaders asking that CABTAL give them a written form of their language and the Word of God in it!

During the day reflections were made about their history. I found out that the predecseor of OneBook and Global PartnerLink – “Partner with Nationals” – was set up as a divison of Wycliffe Canada by Karl Grebe over 20 years ago specifically to fund language development by the the infant organization CABTAL. Karl is still involved today. Wow! Canadians were there right at the start.

CABTAL is committed to over 90 more languages in their country – all starting in the next 14 years. That is a big plan and a big appetite.

We know they can do it.  And we will be there beside them to help them make it happen.

During the celebration there was a handover of leadership. Their former Director, Dr. Michel Kenmonge is a leader in setting best practice standards in the Bible Translation movement. Efi Tembon, CABTAL’s new Director is a fireball of energy and vision. He is a great team builder and has a proven passion and ability to engage others in the task.

At OneBook we have had Michel on our board. He has been a treasure. Now Efi has taken on his mantle of leadership as Michel has moved onto Africa-wide responsibilities, and Efi has joined our OneBook Board.

As a celebration… this was a winner… as an organization that has a future in transforming a society and building the Kingdom of God… I am so thankful that we as Canadians can be part of their success.

Wayne Johnson

President, OneBook