God’s Word brings forgiveness and healing, in communities where traumatic experiences have left many emotional wounds.

One was a betrayer, and the other had been betrayed.

Both men carried deep pain and grief from separate past experiences in their war-torn homeland. And both found help and healing through God’s Word in the language of their heart.

“As a Christian, I know God has forgiven me, but now I ask again for forgiveness from the people,” John shared. He and Mohammed were attending a trauma-healing course for men and women who had suffered physically and emotionally through the political and social upheaval in their country of Sudan. Says Mohammed, “My life is changed. I still remember the event, but I have learned from this book that it is necessary to be healed from past wounds, and to help others to do the same.”

Thirty-four church and community leaders were trained in trauma healing, and 25 copies of the trauma-healing book (based on mother tongue Scripture) were distributed to workshop participants. The impact of this vital teaching will continue, as they take these principles home to share with their own families and community.

God’s Word, in our own language, speaks directly to the deepest places of our hearts, like no other words can do. We all need it, both to receive forgiveness ourselves, and to be able to offer it to others.