In rural Burkina Faso, poverty directly affects children’s education.

Learning to read and write in their own language provides Puguli speakers in Burkina Faso with the key to improve their lives.

The increasing number of Puguli-speaking students who are failing in school is directly connected to their family’s low income. Many rural families, who earn their living by farming, find themselves in a difficult bind.

In order to pay for their children’s school fees, they are obliged to make a contract with a local trader. He provides them with cash to pay for their children’s education, but charges a high interest rate. Further, he demands repayment in actual crops. The result? Most of the farmers’ harvest is already sold, even before it is finished growing. The remainder of the crop is not enough to live on for the next year, so the farmers have little choice but to contract another loan for the next school year. It is a vicious cycle!

Please pray for those dealing with this difficult issue, as it affects family income, children’s education, and results in hunger and high dropout rates for students. As more adults learn to read and write, (through the classes nurtured through OneBook’s partnership), knowledge, skills and confidence will increase, paving the way for a better future.

Thank you for being change-makers with us!