Making history

History in the making: This woman will soon hear God speaking in her own language, for the first time.

Something is stirring in a remote Asian village. A meeting of local pastors buzzes with excited conversation. Two mother tongue speakers of the Fodigwa language have just completed their initial training course—to become Bible translators for their own people. The excited group is gathered to celebrate the inauguration of this new team. They are about to begin translating God’s Word into their own language—for the very first time. This will also lead to the Fodigwa language gaining a written form, to detailed linguistic analysis, and to the beginnings of a program to teach Fodigwa speakers of all ages to read and write.

Every person in the room is intensely aware of history-in-the-making.

In a clear voice, one of the pastors announces: “We are Fodigwa people. We are Christian believers, we have Bibles in (two other languages), and we have worship songs. We have everything in Christ! But—we do NOT have our own mother tongue Bible! This is the first step in our history towards the development of our mother tongue!”

Thank you for being history makers with us for the Fodigwa people, plus more than 100 other minority language groups!