FEEDING THE HUNGRY (Aringa Project, Uganda)

Chairman standing behind staff witnessing the delivery of the lifesaving food items from Here is Life with support from OneBook

The Aringa project team in Uganda works diligently to translate Scripture and lead a literacy program. They are shining their light in a dark place, reaching out to their many nonbelieving neighbours with God’s love in times of need.

THANK YOU for your generous gifts which enabled them to make a big difference during the recent famine!

The team leader writes: “OneBook not only helps translation work, but has rescued the malnourished children in Yumbe hospital from dying. The $1,000 grant to the Yumbe Hospital Feeding Centre enabled ‘Here is Life’ (a local organization) to restock the store with food. The hospital had only one tin of powdered milk left on the shelf, and six severely malnourished children who were desperate for a miracle. The nurse in charge said, ‘This is the third time help has come when the situation looked very dark. We are so much touched by what ‘Here is Life’ is doing to save lives. It is our prayer that God will reward those who are not only giving food, but are also producing books for us.’”

John Onaah, chairman for ‘Here Is Life,’ responded, “We bring you what our Christian friends have given. This is God’s help for the needy children of Aringa. It is our desire to see this malnourishment in Aringa become history. Together we can do it. Let the entire people of Yumbe be encouraged that we can fight this problem. We have come with rice, ground nuts, milk, small fish, and sugar. This has happened because we pray and work with our partners to see that we serve our people. We shall try our best to serve where need will arise, not by our strength, but by God’s will. God bless you!”