The joy of hearing God speak in Ngiemboon

The Ngiemboon people of Cameroon now have the Bible in their mother tongue. Before this Book was translated clearly into their heart language, they had only the French version. What a difference it makes to hear it in the language they understand best!

• “When we used to read the Bible in French, there was much discussion and disagreement of what it meant. Now that we hear it in Ngiemboon, people understand! We discuss more about how to apply it. . .”

• “When French was used in church and someone translated it into Ngiemboon, many mistakes were made in translation, so people did not understand it very well. Now I have learned how to follow God, and I have understood that it is wrong to hate.”

• “I was baptized in 1952. I heard the Bible in Medjumba at first, then in French, and even with translation, I did not understand it. Now I listen in Ngiemboon, and I understand!”

• “Before, we prayed in French. Now we pray in Ngiemboon. And we can sing in Ngiemboon!”

• The New Testament helps our children to learn Ngiemboon, which also helps them to know our culture and us.”

• “Jesus speaks our language! My family heard, and now more of them go to church.”

• “Our joy comes from the bottom of our hearts . . .”

Thank you for partnering with us to give as many people as possible the joy of hearing God speak the language of their hearts!