Cameroonian Church – I love it!

Efi Tembon, incoming Director of CABTAL and Nancy Jane Johnson, leader of OneBook Discovery Teams, worshiping with thousands

Church in Cameroon is an experience not to be missed. Great worship, drums, music and wonderful voices. Enthusiasm abounds. Often the offering involves conga lines of people going to the front to place offerings in the baskets – while dancing in rhythm to the joyful worship music. Often a church has 2, 3, or even 4 choirs.

In Cameroon, CABTAL (the Cameroonian Association of Bible Translation and Literacy) works with 304 churches across the country from all denominations. Each one has a CABTAL literacy and Bible translation point person (volunteer). Each church commits to pray, support financially and host one Bible Translation Sunday per year.

That means that a CABTAL staff has to preach 304 times per year. Whenever possible a visiting friend of CABTAL speaks on their behalf.

I  preached on a recent Sunday while in Cameroon. I found out shortly before that it was a large church, with the auditorium seating over 1500. In fact, during the second service I had to preach from a pulpit 25 feet above the floor of the auditorium. That way the people in the balcony could see the preacher. I felt miles from the congregation – and I was!

This Presbyterian church was the very first CABTAL church supporter 6 years ago. Their donation was the equivalent of 135 man days of labour. If an average man day in Canada was valued at $200 ($50,000 salary), this church gave the equivalent of $37,000!

Wayne Johnson – President, OneBook