Severe famine hits Aringa families in Uganda

Starvation saps old and young of the strength to survive, like this Aringa woman.

Famine conditions are becoming urgent in northern Uganda, home of the Aringa-speaking people, and site of our Bible translation and literacy program. You can donate today. Click here to make a gift.

They are among the more than 11 million people affected by the worst drought in 60 years in the eastern “Horn of Africa.” A humanitarian emergency persists, with parts of Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia and northern Uganda experiencing famine conditions. The situation continues to deteriorate in these drought-stricken areas. Child malnutrition rates in the worst-affected areas are more than double the emergency threshold of 15%, and are expected to rise even further.

The UN’s Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit (FSNAU) says that famine is “likely to persist until at least December 2011”.

Withered crops are cut, as farmers prepare for a second planting attempt. Rains are not expected until November. New seed is urgently needed as they prepare as best they can for an uncertain future.

We are asking our friends in Canada to help us! We want to send some emergency funds to our Aringa brothers as they try to meet some of the desperate needs of their community during this famine crisis. You can donate today. Click here to make a gift.

Isaac Anguyo, Executive Director of “Here is Life” in the Aringa homeland, says: “Your donations will go a long way to start the funds for the famine victims. We can get some needed food for the feeding centre at Yumbe Hospital.”

Christians in the Aringa area are reaching out with compassion to famine victims, but resources are drastically limited. For many women and children who are close to death, time is quickly running out. Your gift equips Aringa Christians to buy food and medicine for those most in need of immediate help.

As Jesus’ love and compassion flows through you to the Aringa community, families will see that God’s love is real! It is not just something they hear about in the newly-translated Aringa Bible. GOD’S LOVE HAS FEET . . . and HANDS . . . and FACES.

Thank you for reaching out—today. You can donate today. Click here to make a gift.