Bring on the cake!

“Yumplatok Bible Finished!” The team celebrates a hard-earned milestone in the translation project—the completion of the consultant checking. This brings closer the day the Yumplatok New Testament will be published and distributed to the 23,000 Torres Strait Creole speakers, hopefully in early 2012.

A Baibol Cake

They laugh and sing and pass it round—the Baibol (Bible) cake. Moses and Simeon grin broadly at each other.   Michael, Charlotte, Gingin, Vida and the others share the joy. What a day to remember!

Milestone achieved

After more than 30 years of hard work, the Yumplatok Bible translation team reaches an exciting milestone: the consultant-check is over! The detailed, time-consuming step of checking the entire New Testament translation with an experienced Bible translation consultant is complete. Every word, every verse, every chapter, each nuance of meaning—has been examined and refined. Now the team knows that this Book of books communicates clearly, accurately, and naturally to Yumplatok minds and hearts.

It’s time to celebrate!

Speakers of the Yumplatok language (also known as Torres Strait Creole) live scattered over 17 islands in the Torres Strait (between Papua New Guinea and Northern Australia). Of the five languages in Australia still needing a Bible translation, Yumplatok is the second largest, with more than 23,000 speakers.

The next step

To prepare the manuscript for typesetting (also extremely labour-intensive). The deadline: January 2012, followed by the actual printing and publication. And then?  It will be time to plan another party. This time the Book will be placed in the hands of the Yumplatok men, women and children waiting to read God’s Word for themselves—in their own heart language.