Guinea-Bissau Project Visit

Tony and some of the Soninke team

A note from Martin, on the road in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa. As a field project officer, he visited the Soninke language project. With 1.8 million speakers in total, about 5,500 live in Guinea-Bissau, where the official language is Portuguese. They raise sheep and goats, a few cattle, grow corn, peanuts, oranges and cashews. Education and health care are very limited.

Martin says, “Last night we returned from a very hot Sintcham Sambel (near Gabu) about 250 km northeast from Bissau, where the thermometer was around 44 degrees in the shade. And they say it isn’t even hot there yet, since their hot season is still to come in May…

“Was good to get an up-date of what is happening among the Soninke. We stayed with Tony and Nete, the Brasilian (Presbyterian)  missionaries, currently the only ones among the Soninke.  It is good for Tony and Nete, that another missionary couple, also Brasilian and Presbyterian, lives just 3-4 km from them, (where they do church planting among a neighbouring group) so they can share prayers and fellowship.

We had a meeting with three prospective Soninke translators, who had worked on the Gospel of Luke, to start next month a full New Testament project, plus selected Old Testament stories. The three translators are not Christians, but open to the Gospel. I hope they will accept the job offer!”