Global PartnerLink – the short story

There are 6,900 languages spoken in the world today.

Almost one-third of these have no written form.

NO alphabet
NO dictionary
NO literature — NOT even a single Bible verse.

These 2,100 languages serve 360 million people who are the poorest of the poor.

Without a written language, the voice of these people is easy to ignore.

In fact, international aid agencies and mission groups can’t reach them because they can’t communicate with them.

Global PartnerLink was created to help nationals – educated people within these language groups – reach their own people with the good news of Jesus Christ. We do this by financially and organizationally assisting them to translate the Bible.

Currently, we partner with national organizations in 13 of the world’s poorest countries, translating Scripture in 88 languages, impacting over 25 million people.

Instead of using westerners for this task, we help national people develop their own written alphabets, dictionaries, and teach literacy. It is a cost effective and empowering model of providing people with God’s word in the language they understand best – the language of their hearts.

Global PartnerLink’s national partners need Canadians to fund and encourage them.

Our bottom line is that people need to hear God’s voice … in their own language.

Won’t you join us so that we can fund Canada’s full share – assisting with 250 languages – in this international effort?