Bakweri – Cameroon

About Bakweri – Cameroon

The Bakweri people live on the southern slopes of Mount Cameroon, near the Atlantic coast. During the German and British colonization of Cameroon, they lost their most fertile land to huge plantations, which still function as public enterprises. To this day, many Bakweri lament the loss of their lands. Very few can read or write. This hampers their attempts to improve their situation or engage in professional activities.

Most Bakweri consider themselves Christian. Nevertheless, biblical teaching is still mixed with animism and ancestor worship. Traditional Bakweri beliefs hold that ancestors live in a parallel world and act as mediators between God and the living. Many Bakweri believe that witchcraft and evil spirits influence their daily lives. Most preaching is done in English or Pidgin, which few Bakweri people understandwell. Consequently, many lack a true understanding of the good news of Jesus’ love. There is an urgent need for Scripture in the mother tongue—the language of their heart—to help their faith deepen and grow, and to share this faith with others.

Buea, Cameroon, Africa

People impacted 70,000

Completion date 2024

Project Status New Testament

Budget for Current Year $34,000

Estimated Cost to Completion $612,000

Progress to date

Bible Translation

Translation has not begun in the Bakweri Project. It is still in the beginning stages. Currently the team is focusing on:
Currently the team is focusing on:
Selecting translators and literacy teachers from Inter Church Committee chosen pool
Providing computer resources and skills to translation and literacy teams
Publishing reading primers for literacy classes
Sharing program vision and build excitement in the community
Conducting initial literacy classes
Translating selected Scripture portions for immediate use in churches
Starting translation of the Gospel of Mark or the Gospel of Luke (which provides the basis for the JESUS film)

Literacy guides & tools

Drafted: A New Testament book is considered Drafted once the translation team has done a careful analysis of the Scripture and has drafted an initial translation of the entire book.

In Progress: A New Testament book is considered In Progress throughout the various stages made up of checks and revisions from initial draft to final consultant check.

Consultant Checked: A New Testament book is considered Consultant Checked once it has the approval of a qualified translation consultant who checks the work for faithfulness to the original language. Following this step it goes for a final careful proofread and is then ready for publication.